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Christmas Bucket List , 2013

Before you get all judgy-mcjudgerson on me, let me make one thing clear:

I love Thanksgiving.


I love the food.


I love the family. I especially love Uncle Aaron at the kid’s table.

I did NOT shop on Thanksgiving. And if you want the truth, Matty B is currently purchasing all of our Christmas gifts on Amazon because the lack of shopping in Walla Walla makes me a little emotional.

But Christmas. Oh, Christmas! We’re listening to Vanessa Williams Christmas (for the record, this is Matty’s CD, not mine…) and I can’t stop eating peppermint Oreos (What? They’re vegan!)

Certainly you need no help planning out your Christmas activities, but in case you’re looking for some inspiration (or you just need a distraction from the peppermint Oreos), check out the Bryant Christmas Bucket List, 2013:

1. Drink hot chocolate while reading Christmas stories by the fire.

2. Decorate gingerbread houses and cookies.

3. Visit the Grotto in Portland.

4. Look at Christmas lights.

5. Donate food to a food pantry.

6. Watch a Christmas movie.

7. Visit Santa.

8. Build a snowman.

9. Make peanut brittle.

10. Participate in the Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak and run a mile for every day between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day. I’m 3.1 miles in already!

I’d add #11. Go caroling, but I think I’d be vetoed by my family and I’d feel pretty silly doing it alone.

What’s on your list? Ice skating? The Polar Express? Whatever your pleasure, I only have one request. If a crazy lady shows up at your house, caroling alone , just feed me peppermint Oreos and I’ll be on my way…


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