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Birthday Boy

Matty B turns old tomorrow.


On your birthday, you’re supposed to get exactly what you want. This is why his (early) party consisted of pizza, football and ice cream cake.


I really lucked out with this one.

There’s about a million reasons why I adore this man, and today you get a random sampling.

1. He cleans up after me. He cleans up before me. I like a super clean house but I’m surprisingly messy. He works really hard to make sure that I can relax when I come home from work and not fold piles of laundry instead. Although, sometimes I want to fold piles of laundry, but this is a personal problem worthy of discussion on another day.


2. He’s super handsome. I love this picture of him with Rae. Nothing sexier than a daddy holding his baby girl’s hand…

3. He tries a lot of really healthy, really awful tasting stuff. As picky as he is, he’s an awful good sport about trying my “kitchen experiments.”

4. He totally gets me. And this actually makes me mad. Why? Because sometimes I’m frustrated about something and the rational 1% of my brain knows that I shouldn’t be mad, but the other 99% of crazy that lives in my head is just furious and even if I say, “I’m not mad”, he knows that I’m mad and it bugs me…



5. He’s the best daddy ever. J Man and Miss Rae are so lucky!

So am I.

Happy Birthday, Matty B!



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