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Pumpkin Molasses Ice Cream Sandwiches


Don’t let their helpful behavior fool you. These two aren’t always smooth sailing.

In particular, little miss has been having a doozy of a week. I won’t even go into all the potty stories. This is a food blog after all. Know your audience.

Naptime, however, has been awful, to put it mildly.

Please, please, do not tell me that my two year old doesn’t need to nap anymore. I hear that enough from her.

Know what else I hear from her? (All shouted into the baby monitor at naptime. None of this has been contrived. All verbatim.)

Mommy, I need some water.
Mommy, I need to go potty.
Mommy, can you spread out my blankie?
Mommy, I need Lambie.
Mommy, I have an itch.
Mommy, I have a crusty in my eye.
Excuse me, Mommy! (After an apparent toot.)
Mommy, I hurt my finger. Will you kiss it?
Mommy, will you fix the curtains?
Mommy, I bumped my head.

Sometimes we just end up getting her up and we go about our day. Us, exhausted. Her, fresh as a daisy. Other times, she’ll fall asleep for the last 20 minutes of naptime and then is grumpy as a bear when it’s time to wake up.

The only rational solution?


(For me, not her).

Ice cream sandwiches.

I borrowed two recipes. Pumpkin ice cream from Isa and molasses cookies from, of all places, Land O Lakes. Those two entities might be the most polar opposites ever. The queen of vegan cooking marries the king of real butter?


The cookies called for butter, shortening and egg. I followed the recipe exactly, only used a flax egg and earth balance butter and shortening. Amazing. The cookies alone made my day. And also Matty B’s day as he couldn’t stop eating the dough.


However, sandwiching creamy, pumpkiny, ice cream between such spicy, delicious cookies? Heaven.

And it just goes to show that there will be seasons in heaven because these cookies on a brisk day with falling leaves outside my window is my definition of heaven.

Yes, there will be pumpkin molasses ice cream sandwiches in heaven. And also, if Miss Rae has her way, no naps will be allowed.


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  1. sounds delish! 🙂


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