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Baked Maple Hemp Popcorn

So, I don’t like savory popcorn.

What are you going to do about it?

My experiences with savory popcorn have been:

1. Microwave popcorn that someone inevitably burns in the communal microwave in the staff room and then the whole building reeks for days.

2. Movie theater popcorn, which some people will apparently sell their soul for, but which I find greasy and reminiscent of stale fake butter flavor.

It’s no surprise then, that when presented with a Saturday night campfire, I prepared some of the best sweet popcorn that you’ll ever taste. I was inspired by Vegetarian Times, but didn’t have all the necessary ingredients, so I winged it. I’m a good winger.


P.S. Popcorn is kinda hard to photograph. If I were a better blogger, I’d put the popcorn in a metal pail with a strip of raffia tied around the handle and a few strategically placed kernels, just hanging out around the base of the pail. I don’t have time for such things. I spend my time waiting for Miss Rae to do #2 on the big girl potty. Much more important.


See. Pictures look the same. I really need some raffia.

Regardless, this popcorn was a winner. It’s possible that anything eaten around a campfire is a winner.


Would raffia help my campfire pic? Probably not. Regardless, we ate baked maple hemp popcorn and roasted (vege:) hotdogs and some of us sang, and we talked football and snuggled puppies and children and it was fabulous.

And the only burning smell was my marshmallow, not some nasty microwave popcorn…

Baked Maple Hemp Popcorn

6 cups air popped popcorn
2 TBS melted coconut oil
2 TBS pure maple syrup
3 TBS brown sugar
4 TBS hemp seeds, divided
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/2 tsp salt


In a small bowl, combine sugar, 2 TBS hemp seeds, spice and salt. Set aside.

Whisk coconut oil and maple syrup and then drizzle over warm popcorn, quickly mixing all together.

Add sugar spice mixture, again quickly mixing into popcorn.

Spread on a cookie sheet, sprinkle remaining hemp seeds on top and bake at 275 for 20 minutes.


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  1. Wow… I’d take that over movie theatre popcorn anyway! I need to make this!


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