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Apple Cider Chex Mix

Not being able to use my ankle in the ways I’ve typically been accustomed to has been a blessing and a curse.

A curse, because running is really some major therapy for me and without it, I’m a little…mental. Just ask Matty B. I had a hair appointment scheduled for what I thought was 10 am and what turned out to be 10:30. The 30 minutes in between were dicey, to say the least. I was near tears and sassy. That’s what happens when you let the gray hairs get out of control.

But the sprained ankle has been a blessing in other ways.

1. More sleep. I’m not rolling out of bed at 5:45 am to pound out my miles. BTW: I have a very comfortable bed. This blessing has not gone unnoticed.

2. This next “blessing” is a mixed bag. It’s a blessing to my family, but a potential curse to my thighs.

When I’m not running, I tend to get much “looser” with my diet. Meaning, sugar has been a close and personal friend these days. My up-coming blog posts will be evidence of this.


I blame this recipe on two things:

1. My family is addicted to Chex mix, specifically when watching football. Side note: I have a fantasy football team. The team name is “Peyton is the best.” I’m awful at fantasy football. I added Reggie Bush to my team, purely because I knew him from Kardashian fame. My brother-in-law is kind enough to email me with messages like, “You should change out some of the players on your team because half of them are out injured.” Oops. Thanks, Andrew!


2. My hands smell like caramel corn. Thankfully, by 10:35, I was in a salon chair, getting aforementioned gray hairs decimated, and my sweet stylist gave me a hand massage with the most amazing smelling hand cream ever. I want to eat my hands.


Instead, I’ll eat this apple cider Chex mix. I got the idea from Vegan Mother Hubbard.


It’s the easiest thing ever. Basically, instead of using those Chex Mix seasoning packets, you use apple cider mix. You know, the kind you mix with hot water? So smart. Who would’ve thought?


Beware. This stuff is super addictive. Especially if, like me, you let it cook a little too long because you were so busy stressing about gray hairs and the fact that Randall Cobb of the Packers is injured and the apple cider caramelizes onto the Chex in an irresistible way and you can’t. stop. eating it.

Make some apple cider Chex mix.

Also, Peyton is the best.


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