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The Garden Vegan Cafe Review

I have a soft spot in my heart for small businesses.

It might be because my parents had/have a little bakery and I see how much work it takes.

It might be because I despise walmart. Notice how I refuse to give them the capital “W” that proper grammar says they deserve?

It might be because there are so many cool small businesses that don’t make it and then I’m forced to go to Walmart. That “W” autocorrected and I’m too lazy to fix it.


I hope and pray that the Garden Vegan Cafe makes it.

I’m anxious because they have a new, prime, corner space on Main Street and rent can’t be cheap.


I’m anxious because they have a bevy (yes, bevy) of smoothie options and there is no Jamba Juice in Walla Walla and even if there were, the Garden’s smoothies are better. And better for you.



I was anxious because I didn’t know how to pronounce Nicoise but then I YouTubed it and now I’m smart. (FYI: nih-swaus).



I was anxious because I didn’t know if the kiddos would eat anything, but the staff very kindly left the kale out of the grape smoothie and the peppers out of the Daiya quesadilla.


(This is the only picture of the kid’s food. Mine is much more photogenic.)

But mostly, people, mostly I’m anxious that not enough people will frequent the Garden Vegan Cafe and I’ll be left to slog my way through a very questionable lentil burger at The Brik and a whole lot of French fries. Which, while being vegan, aren’t necessarily my idea of a healthy meal.

Go. To my 3 Walla Walla readers, go to the Garden Vegan Cafe right now. To the other 4 non-local readers, send me money for more Cacao Seduction.

Support small businesses! And hungry vegan girls!

P.S. The food was good. Really good. And fast service. And the restaurant was clean. And you learned more about the restaurant in my P.S. than in the whole previous “review”.


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