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Creamy Balsamic Dressing

We’ve got milestones going on, people.




You’re looking at the proud new owner of some Hello Kitty big girl underwear.

None of the accepted protocols have been followed with this potty training. You’re supposed to buy a special water bottle, and push fluids (to give more opportunities for success) and camp out at home for 48 hours.

All protocol ignored. We’ve used M candies (m&m’s), stickers, and gone to the corn maze.

Not to diminish mine and Matty B’s contribution to this moment, but she’s basically potty-trained herself.

Similarly, this dressing pretty much made itself. Note: while the photos of the dressing aren’t pretty, they are not, in any way, related to the intro story…


Just to clarify.

This recipe is from the July/August edition of Vegetarian Times. What’s proper protocol here?


A) If I give you the recipe, even though I’m giving credit where it’s due, am I robbing VT of profits?


B) If I don’t give you the recipe, you’ll never try it, thus, never know that VT is a great magazine and potentially purchase it in the future?


I used the dressing on romaine with cucumber, bell pepper, green beans and cornbread croutons.


Middle ground protocol: I don’t want VT to get mad at me for plagiarizing, and then come and steal my children (especially now that they’re both potty trained…) So, the recipe includes tofu, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, garlic and honey. If you want to know more, buy the July/August issue.

Or, just send some M candies my way. As Miss Rae has proved, this family isn’t above bribery…

Want to see other mustard recipes? Check out Better With Veggies


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