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Chocolate Pie and Clifton Street

Remember when we visited Niagara Falls a few weeks ago?


It was so breathtakingly beautiful and even though we were surrounded by people it felt very sacred – almost holy. Across the street was a park with crisp leaves changing color and beautiful, landscaped grass.


It was an awe inspiring moment and made you want to contemplate life and God and then count your blessings.

And then we kept walking.

And this is what we found, not even 1/2 mile away…


Clifton Street aka dingy Las Vegas. Complete with a wax museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, arcade, “fresh fudge”, Cuban cigars, 5 t-shirts for $10 and “duty free shopping”. Certainly, if I had looked hard enough, I could have found someone capable of writing my name on a grain of rice.


It wasn’t all trash. We had a very nice ride on this Ferris wheel, but in general, the whole scenario was such a stark contrast!

God’s beautiful, pristine, powerful creation


Sin city wannabe

All within walking distance of each other.

And today, I present to you two cakes, just as opposite as they come:

Exhibit A: my birthday cake from my co-workers.



Apparently, I’ve created somewhat of a reputation for myself. That, my friends, is a cold slab of tofu with random bits of foliage stuck in it. This is how my coworkers see me. A girl who eats pine cones and tofu, who most likely has a kiln in her basement and who weaves her children’s clothes out of hemp, preferably organic hemp.

Happy Birthday to me.

Exhibit B: a dessert I made for a “southern” themed dinner. Think cornbread, mashed potatoes and string beans.


This is chocolate pie, which we called “chocolate pah” (cause we were being “southern” remember? If any of my readers are from the south, please don’t unsubscribe. I’m just a hippy who wants her own kiln in the basement.)


The recipe is found at Oh She Glows and it’s called Chilled Dark Chocolate Pie with Toasted Almond Crust.

And if Niagara Falls is to Tofu Cake, then Clifton Street is to Dark Chocolate Pie.

One is pristine, healthy, untouched. (Seriously, untouched. That tofu cake went in the garbage.)

The other is dark, rich and just sooooo sweet.

Angela’s chocolate pie was good. Really good. But so rich it made your teeth itch. I cut the pie into 8 servings. No one finished theirs.


I should’ve done 16. That would’ve been just the right amount of chocolate pie.

Interestingly enough, before he took a bite, Matty B said, “Did you put tofu in this?”

Maybe I should have? Married the two opposite extremes?


Nah. There’s a time for tofu and there’s a time for chocolate. There’s a time for Niagara Falls. However, as far as I’m concerned, there’s never a time for Ripley’s Believe It or Not…


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  1. Wow, your coworkers suck.


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