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Do’s and Don’ts for a Day Off

1a. How do you punctuate plural “don’t”? My title looks weird. I’m not showing possession, so…?

1b. Do start your day off with a run. Even if it’s short, you’ll be glad you did. (See #2)


2. Don’t cook anything. Eat every meal out.




3. Do sit on the floor of a bookstore and read 37 books to your two year old. Do it.

4. Don’t get a flu shot. It will make your arm very sore. I’ll spare you the photo of my bandaid.

5. Do force your family into lunch out at an all vegan cafe. Review to come!



6. Do attempt a nap. You won’t be successful because both of your kids despise naps and also your husband will choose this moment to try out his new weed whacker, but attempt a nap.

7. Don’t go to Goodwill looking for Halloween costumes. You will be disgusted and dismayed all at once.

8. Do keep diapers in your car. Enough said.

9. Do get your mom to make you dinner (in a 2nd hand sort of way). Spaghetti night at Rogers Bakery.



10. Don’t load the dishwasher. Your husband will just come home and reload it because your way isn’t acceptable to him.

11. Do eat more for dessert than just a calcium chew. Of all the advice given above, this is probably the most important. Other than…

12. Do snuggle this girl for as long as she’ll let you.



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  1. Whatever that cacao seduction beverage is.. it looks amazing! Also, totally feel you on the husband reloading the dishwasher thing. Happens to me all of the time…


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