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Dinner at Merge

My mama always said, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

I wasn’t going to say much about Buffalo. That’s why.

Last night, as Matty B and I were driving to what we thought was a Barnes and Noble bookstore and what turned out to be the bookstore on the Buffalo University campus, I said, “Either a) Buffalo is super cool and we just don’t know where to go, or b) Buffalo is lame and we’ve done every fun thing already.” Keep in mind that what we’ve done is see a movie, go to the mall and eat a lot of fatty food.

We both agreed that the answer was B.

Sorry, Buffalo.

But then, the sky opened up, the sun streamed in and we came across…


Merge claims to connect Buffalo musically, artistically, and sustainably through nutrition, wellness and congregation.

Be still my beating heart.

It was easy to convince Matty B to try it out. All I had to do was stage a tearful meltdown about how sick I feel from all the dairy I’ve been eating and how much I miss the kiddos.


Who wouldn’t miss these cuties?


When we arrived, it was packed. As it turns out, Merge was hosting a new artist gallery opening! And they had a jazz trio.


I love art. I love jazz. I love ginger beer. (Note: mom, kids and my employer: ginger beer is nonalcoholic. That was a close one.)


Merge wasn’t exclusively vegan, but at least 75% of the menu could be made vegan. I ordered the BBQ bean curd tostadas. I’ve never knowingly had bean curd and I was curious.


Oh people. I was delightfully surprised. This meal was so good. Not exaggerating, maybe one of the best meals eaten in 2013. Seriously.


Dessert was a vegan apple berry crumble with soy ice cream and salted caramel sauce. The flavor was nice, but as is with all things labeled “crumble”, I wanted more…crumble.

I told Matty B that I wished we had found this place earlier so that I could have tried everything! They had some Moroccan chickpea patties that sounded divine, as well as a whole menu of “raw” dishes: raw lasagna, raw tacos, etc.

For a city that’s famous for its Buffalo wings and apparently, its mustard, I was thrilled to discover Merge.

And Matty B was thrilled to quell the sobbing/whining…with something besides spicy chicken wings.


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