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What I Ate In Buffalo

I’m on the east coast. For work. I live on the west coast. For reals.

Traveling is hard. (Yes, whiny little girl, your life is so hard, blah blah blah.) But seriously! I’ve been eating trash and I feel the same.

My PRE plan:

1. Drink a ton of water. A ton. So much water. I’ve been rocking this goal. Easy.

2. Move every day. In a sweaty way. This goal has gone pretty well for me also. I’ve been to the gym 4 out of 6 days and I’m the only one climbing stairs directly parallel to the escalator in the convention center. I laugh inside at the sloths riding the escalator next to me.

3. Eat what I want, just don’t eat all of it. I thought that if I just watched portion size and left 1/3 of each meal on my plate, I’d do ok.

#3 is a fallacy. With the exception of my birthday ice cream, I have not cleaned my plate once. (P.S. Coffee excluded. All the coffee has been finished. All of it.)


I still feel like trash.

My excuses

1. The conference I’m at isn’t even close to vegan. I’m lucky to eat vegetarian, so I’m not going to stress about this. Buffalo will always be “the city of ice cream” in my mind.

2. It was my birthday. Enough said.

3. I swear the time change is messing with my body.

Here are my eats from today. As noted above, none of these plates were finished. Didn’t matter. I need a detox.


I was thrilled to see soy milk. Especially since my muffin was obviously vegan…:(


Lunch buffet also included chicken breast, sausage lasagna, salami platter and a dude at the end of the buffet slicing off giant hunks of ham. Yummy.


We went to a place for dinner that Bill Clinton has been to before.


The word on the street is that Billy is vegan. That must have happened after this visit.


You like that giant mound of cheese on top of my eggplant, even though I specifically requested “no extra cheese”…?

At least I got to see this guy in a bib.


I was really cold. Buffalo is chilly in October. So we went to the Chocolate Bar for hot chocolate.


But why get hot chocolate if you can get a Nutella filled mocha crepe with espresso ice cream and strawberries?


Don’t get me wrong. This tasted amazing, but I’ve just been eating too much food!

I miss my kids.

I miss my bed.

I miss my green smoothies!!

Many of you travel constantly for work. How do you handle All. The. Food?


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  1. When traveling I try to eat only two meals a day. Last trip – lost 5lbs – they’re back. I must travel more!

  2. There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options in Buffalo 🙂 How much longer will you be there!? I can try and help you out if you want!


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