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Basil Lime Syrup

If I had to choose just one website to visit for the rest of my life, the competition wouldn’t even be close.

Yahoo? Nope.
Google? Runs a close 2nd. ummm…no

Hands down, my favorite website is Epicurious

I could (notice “could” v. “do”) spend hours here, perusing recipes, checking out “how-to” videos and drooling, in general.

Epicurious makes me appear to be more gourmet than I really am. This recipe is a prime example.


Basil Lime Syrup is the perfect addition to club soda, or in my world, fizzy water from Matty B’s soda stream.


To be clear, Epicurious is not a vegan website, (although if you type the word ‘vegan’ into the search option, you’ll get pages of recipes), but I get my best ideas from taking “normal” recipes and making them vegan.


This syrup is unique. Not to be confused with unique pictures of kittens at Have I mentioned that I’m allergic to cats? At least, I want to be allergic to cats…


This drink got mixed reviews from the fam. I liked it (naturally), the kids hated it (naturally) and Matty B thought it needed more sugar (naturally).


Grandpa B had a typical Grandpa B reaction.

Takes a sip.
“Ewww!” Insert bitter face.
Takes another sip. Shakes head in disgust.
Me: “Grandpa, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to drink it!”
Grandpa: “What’s in that?”

He didn’t finish it.

I think he poured it into the cat’s dish. Serves me right for dissing

Check out other lime recipes here!


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