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Happy Birthday to me!

I’ve recently had a birthday. I’m not old, but I’m definitely not young.

A few weeks ago, I went to register my car on campus. “I’m sorry,” said the young girl passing out the parking permits. “I’m all out of student passes.”

She thought I was a student! I gleefully informed her that I was staff and floated back to my office.

That same day, that very same day, another student called me ma’am. Ma’am!

Whatevs. Am I too old to say that?

My birthday was a great day full of Canada, doughnuts (my comments on Tim Hortons later) and Ferris wheels- the best of life on this one day!




(I’m standing weird because I’m trying not to get my shoes muddy. What a girl.)




Tofu wrap overlooking the falls



I loved this movie for 3 reasons:

1. It’s short. Just over 90 minutes. For an old lady, I have a very short attention span.

2. Sandra Bullock. Love her.

3. No embarrassing sex scenes. For a young lady, I’m kinda prude.


Taking the whipped cream off of this monstrosity didn’t make the ice cream underneath more vegan. I ate it. Every single bite. Don’t believe me? Ask Matty B. He too was shocked.

The only thing missing was my kiddos, but they’re very happy at home with Grandma and Papa.

Oh, I also took a nap which was blissful and just more evidence that I’m closer to retirement than I was yesterday.

Pass the hair dye- my grays are getting out of control…


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I can definitely see why you’d be mistaken for a student. Enjoy!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like an amazing day and I love all the treats you got to enjoy mmm!


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