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By the numbers: II


4: Geese on my run this morning. Yes, you can hardly see them because I have a bird phobia and didn’t want to get too close. They were just ambling across the street. Still not used to this “country living.”


2: handfuls of spinach, ground up in my oatmeal. J Man thinks this is the most disgusting thing ever. Little does he know that I mix spinach into every one of his smoothies…


277: elevation climb from my run at Wallowa Lake. I’m such a pansy flat road runner. I seriously thought I was going to die in the middle of this.


1: fresh mango consumed for a snack. Why are those things so hard to cut? I need to find a YouTube clip. Also, I need to find a YouTube clip of Aaron Paul because I’m having Breaking Bad withdrawals.

0: pictures of my lunch. It was yesterday’s leftovers. Check out my cilantro pesto post if you really wanna see it.


2: soft tacos with Trader Joes beefless chunks, bell pepper, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes for dinner. I was in Portland a few days ago and got my TJ’s fix!


$100000: the price of books for Matty B’s classes. He’s getting another degree (yay!), and books are expensive!


2: kiddos in a box. Best. Toy. Ever.


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