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Thursday Thoughts, VI

1. I’m at least 4 years late to the party (what’s new? Are skinny jeans out of style already? I just started liking them!), but I love LOVE Arrested Development!


Every character is my favorite. And Michael Cera, age 14, is adorable.

2. I was pleasantly surprised by the university cafeteria today. Veggie sushi bar? Thai station? Build your own wraps? Beauty.


And a salad bar with quinoa, tofu and lots of other goodies. Lunch today gave me hope for my future life in Walla Walla.

3. The smartest boy in the world just got smarter. He drew this without assistance from anyone.


I am so wrapped around his little finger.

4. This one is pretty cool too.


Yesterday, without prompting, she told J Man that he was a good brother and her best friend. That sound you just heard was my heart melting.

5. These are the splits from my run today.


I totally feel like I go slower at the end because I’m tired, but I guess not!

6. And cue the raised blood pressure for Matty B.


He always asks for extra salt in his salted caramel mochas. It’s amazing this man is still alive.

7. There was a sheep in the neighbor’s yard this morning. No fence. No leash. Just a sheep.


Welcome to Walla Walla!


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  1. Love the sidewalk art and the sheep! Celeste 🙂


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