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Pendleton Round Up

I can be a bit of a snob.

I won’t drink instant coffee, and I don’t like Folgers. I prefer a good quality dark roast.

I refuse to buy any clothes at Walmart, even if something looks cute. In general, I don’t even like going to Walmart.

Last weekend, when we were in Boise, Matty B and I were righteously indignant at an art show we attended. The show also boasted kitschy jewelry and sculptures made of silverware. “That’s not art,” we sniffed.

And I’ve acted the same way about Pendleton, the little cowtown I grew up in.


But last week was the good ol’ Pendleton Round Up and the country inside of me was begging to be let loose. Note: there is exactly 0.07% of country in me, but it was enough to force Matty B and the kids to listen to country music in the car. And now the percentage has dropped to 0.06%…


Give J Man lemonade and he’s up for anything. Also, his hat makes him look like Anne of Green Gables.


The parade was cute, although some of us enjoyed it more than others…


Miss Rae has a loud noise phobia. Interesting contradiction as she’s the loudest one in the family.


And is Pendleton all about pulled pork and curly fries?


Yes and no. I was simultaneously amused and repulsed by the “foot long corn dog” booth. Yet, I found a really good soy latte and a very yummy Greek salad. Who knew?


I still refuse to go yard saling. I will never be caught dead in Wranglers.

But Pendleton’s not bad. Just ask Anne of Green Gables.


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