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Kabocha Lentil Curry

Better With Veggies

I like my food burnt.

Not charred, mind you, but very very well done. Burnt grilled cheese? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Burnt chocolate chip cookies? So crunchy and delicious!

We had a family BBQ a few weeks ago and Uncle Aaron was in charge of the garden burgers. Some of them got very, apologetically, “well done”. I found the crispiest of them all and relished it.


There are a few downsides to the “burnt lifestyle”. Charred pans are one of them. Check out how I massacred this pot. That’s never coming out, huh?


Today’s letter is K for Kabocha squash. I’ve never cooked with Kabocha squash before so I’m totally cheating and not giving you a recipe that I created, but a recipe that I found for Kabocha Lentil Curry.

This recipe is good! The curry sauce is excellent! Rich and creamy with the perfect hint of spice.


Before I added the lentils, I saved some out and added potato chunks for Matty B. He ate it and he liked it! Matty B eating squash? Yes, and willingly! It was a Christmas September miracle!

I saved the easiest part for last: cooking the lentils. They were so easy that I put them on the stove and forgot about them. I forgot about them for almost an hour. The smoky smell was my first clue.

Yeah, I burned those lentils good. Also, I found out that other members of my family aren’t recycling as I dumped 3/4 in the trash.


I like burnt things. So I used the remaining 1/4 anyway. Meh. Subpar.


Make this recipe. Use the Kabocha squash base. Add tofu or potatoes or use the base as a dip for your burnt grilled cheese sandwich.

Burnt cookies not recommended…


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  1. Oh no!! I hate when I forget about something that’s cooking – all that work. 😦


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