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Cooking Mojo

I’m really beginning to question myself.

Three, count ’em, three, kitchen failures in one weekend:

Honey Whole Wheat English Muffin Bread

Cornbread Quinoa Crust

Puffy Oven Pancake

All flops. All of them. To be fair, the cornbread crust tasted good, but broke into a million pieces when I tried to flip it.

I’m beginning to think I’ve lost my touch. For creating recipes, for cooking other people’s recipes, for life in general!

Maybe it was one too many trips to Del Taco.


What can I say? Every single one of my family members (the 2 year old to the 91 year old) likes it there. Sometimes I’m just too tired to argue.

Maybe it’s because we’ve had too many dinners of watermelon and milkshakes:



But whatever the case, I think my cooking mojo is gone!

To be fair, I’ve had a few successes:


My Cardamom Rolls


The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever


Mocha Chip Muffins


Pumpkin Bread
And looking at the list above, it seems that my 4 lbs. is easily explained…

But I’m in a rut. And I need out- fast!

I think the key is to go with tried and true cooks/chefs/bloggers/recipe authors like Joy the Baker and Isa.
Right now I’m anxious to try Isa’s vegan challah and Joy’s vegan cookies with chocolate, peanut butter and cinnamon.

Oh wait.

What about the 4 pounds?

Sometimes you have to sacrifice skinny jeans for kitchen successes. I’m ok with that.

Have you ever lost your “cooking mojo”? How’d you get it back?


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