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I had a coupon…

I’m a girl who likes a bargain. Part of the reason that I love Dutch Bros. is that they have a punch card. The idea that I’m working towards FREE coffee is amazing motivation to…spend money on coffee. Those Dutch Bros. folk know what they’re doing…

I used to be really into coupons, and I still am – kinda.

Here’s the deal with coupons: 90% of the coupons I run across are for preservative laden, packaged, processed foods. Very rarely do I see “Buy 1, Get one Free” Romaine lettuce. “Save $1 on fresh broccoli”? Nope. And the cleaner my our diet has become, the less coupons apply to me.

But every once in awhile I’ll run across something that fits into our diet. Today, coupons rocked my eating world.

Breakfast: Udi’s gluten free cinnamon raisin bagel with earth balance coconut spread.




Confession 1: I’m not gluten intolerant but these are good and…I had a coupon!

Confession 2: I had an earth balance coupon for a FREE item, but it was expired. I handed over the coupon, like I was completely innocent and the checker took it! I felt a little guilty, but that tub of coconut spread was $6!

Lunch: Amy’s black bean burrito and an unpictured Cara Cara Orange


I typically turn my nose up at frozen burritos. Do I not have beans, cheese and tortillas in my house? Why am I buying an overpriced lunch? But, you guessed it, I had a coupon…

Dinner: English muffin pizza with sauce, onions, olives and bell pepper topped with Daiya.



I’ve shared multiple times that I don’t need cheese on my pizza (or tacos, or pasta) and that I’d rather go sans cheese than spend the money on subpar vegan cheese. However, subpar FREE vegan cheese is another story.

Dessert was half a watermelon. I’m not even lying. I didn’t have a coupon for the watermelon, but it was so good I would’ve paid double.

Are you a couponer?


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  1. Just a heads up – Udi’s products aren’t vegan. They contain eggs 😦


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