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Fried Egg Sandwich

Sometimes Frequently, Grandpa doesn’t like what I make for dinner.

He’ll take a look at his plate of curry, rice, and vegetables and mumble something under his breath about, “When I was growing up on the farm we didn’t eat weird foods like curry. We had homemade white bread and fresh butter with mashed potatoes and brown gravy everyday. We ate fresh peas and radishes out of the garden.”

And as much as I’d love to constantly be in the kitchen, cooking Grandpa’s memories for him, I think we lost our butter churn in the move. Also, my parents own a bakery and we get a loaf of their WW bread every week. Why would I need to make more bread than that? Have I mentioned that yeast hates me?

So when Grandpa turns up his nose at the falafel wrap and couscous salad on his plate, I offer him two options:

1. Grandpa, would you like me to slice you up a peach?

2. Grandpa, would you like a fried egg sandwich?

Invariably, Grandpa wants both.


J Man and Miss Rae have been intrigued by this process.

So, Great Grandpa doesn’t have to eat what’s on his plate? He gets to make requests? This opens a whole new world!

And while I quickly nipped that concept in the bud (I could easily become a short order cook!) I have given the kiddos the option of also having a fried egg sandwich.


Miss Rae tends to open up the sandwich, scrape the melted cheese off with her fingernail and leave the bread and egg abandoned. Classy.

J Man, on the other hand, is a big fan of the fried egg sandwich. In general, it’s the only thing he has in common with Grandpa, other than a need for fiber in his diet. So, in a way, my oldest boy and my youngest boy are bonding.


I was feeling a little bit left out of the fried egg sandwich party as most include eggs, cheese and butter.


It’s amazing how versatile tofu is. Today, with a sprinkle of seasoned salt and dash of apple cider vinegar, it became an egg.


I’m not a big fan of vegan cheese, but I got this Daiya free with a coupon leftover from Vida Vegan Con, so it was an easy gamble.



It actually worked really well in this sandwich- kinda like velveeta. Mmm…cheese product!


With some toasted bakery bread, this was a winner! If you’re a runny yolk kinda person, you’ll miss that a little, but you could always try this recipe for a vegan runny yolk.


I’m personally not a runny yolk fan. You know, when I was growing up on the farm, we didn’t eat weird foods like runny yolk…


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