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So long, Summer!

Today, September 1st, I said something to Matty B that may have shocked him.

Was it:

A) “I sure love it when you go to yard sales. Would you make sure to check out the women’s clothes for me the next time you go?”

B) “I noticed we’re out of ice cream. Should I pick some up for you when I go to the grocery store?”

C) “I found a website where they will send you all kinds of catalogs and junk mail. I already signed you up. Will you make sure to keep all the junk mail and pile it up on the breakfast bar?”

D) “I think I’m ready for fall. I’m done with summer.”


If you answered a, b, or c, you don’t know me at all. I really, truly am ready for fall. Usually by this time in the game, I’m kicking and screaming, holding onto a fistful of wild blackberries for dear life.

This Labor Day weekend, however, we had a final summer hurrah, and I feel like we went out with a bang!



Ferris Wheel at the fair.




Our version of a picnic



The pumpkin is already creeping in…



BBQ with family at the cabin.


Here’s to summer! It was a good one!


A) Is it too soon to make pumpkin things?

B) Matty B hates my sunglasses, what do you think?

C) Is this girl delusional or what? It’s still “summer” for another 22 days…

D) Is Miss Rae’s lemonade super sour or is that just her disposition?


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  1. It’s 31C here in Interior BC today, don’t think it’s saying good bye for a while. 😉

    Happy Week!


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