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Growing up

Miss Rae got her first real haircut.


Before: a look very similar to the Geico caveman.


After: a sweet baby girl who turned into a big girl in a matter of minutes.



Seriously, can’t believe how fast she’s growing up.

And don’t even get me started on this guy:


He’s a hiking, biking, reading, dancing machine. And he starts preschool next week…


We went to preschool open house tonight. It was very strange for me to attend a school event that I wasn’t in charge of.

As I was browsing the calendar, I noticed that January 6 noted “Preschool Resumes”.

Resumé? They need to write a résumé in preschool? For what? They’re expected to get a job?

I shared my concerns with Matty B.

“Resumes! Like, preschool starts again! Not a résumé for a job!”

Don’t scoff. J Man could probably write his own résumé.

Stop. Growing. Up.

That’s an order.


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  1. Miss you guys!! They are too cute!! Miss Rae looks so grown up! Jackson is as cute as ever!


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