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7th Anniversary

There are a few occasions in my life (ok, more than a few), when I choose to stray from my vegan-ness.

1. Birthdays
2. Christmas
3. Days when it’s BOGO at the local Froyo place. (Matty B just shuddered because he hates froyo AND he hates the acronym BOGO. Also, we haven’t talked about it, but I bet he hates FOMO too. P.S. Mom, that means “Fear Of Missing Out”. P.S. again: He really likes Rolos.)
4. Anniversaries. Specifically, 7th anniversaries.


We got all dressed up and went to T. Maccarone’s. It was amazing.


Roasted beet salad with caramelized pecans, arugula and smoked bleu cheese.


Sweet corn gnocchi. This had chanterelle mushrooms, pea tendrils and succotash. Both dishes were amazing!

Followed up by dessert at the Colville St. Patisserie.


Matty B’s salted caramel chocolate tort and cardamom gelato


My Meyer lemon tart and espresso.

The food was great.




The company was better!


(If you look closely in the background you’ll see Holly’s Flowers. Didn’t even plan that:)

It was a wonderful evening.



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  1. Is this restaurant with the delicious food local? Love the pictures of both of you.

  2. Carly Donelson

    happy anniversary! i nominated you for the liebster award! check out my last post for more details (!

  3. BOGO? YOLO? oh my word….TCOG! Do u know what that means? Taking care of grandkids while u and Matty B went out and BOGOD or YOLOD? And I loved every minute of the time with them….especially the GOL (that means giggles out loud —just in case you didn’t know!)


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