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Strawberry Cheesecake Fruit Dip

Better With Veggies


Broccoli covered in cheese sauce=not healthy



Never stretching after your run and then wondering why your right hip is always sore=not healthy and also stupid.

Short shorts with thigh high boots=never healthy and also white trash (which we saw a lot of at the Muddy Frogwater Festival in Milton-Freewater. Lucky for you I didn’t take a picture.)



Fruit dipped in “old school” fruit dip (cream cheese and marshmallow cream whipped together)=not healthy


Fruit dipped in “new school” fruit dip=not too shabby!


I was in charge of dessert for family dinner. I knew the menu included mashed potatoes, corn and rolls to name a few. We needed light. We needed summery. And maybe, a little protein?


My strawberry cheesecake fruit dip was just the ticket. It has the typical attributes that I love:

1. Fast


2. Kinda healthy


3. Easy. In a non-short shorts kinda way.

Now, take off those thigh high boots and put on some flip flops for goodness sake!

Strawberry Cheesecake Fruit Dip


6 oz silken tofu
8 oz. vegan cream cheese
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup strawberry jam
1 tsp vanilla
2 TBS coconut milk, canned


Purée all ingredients in a food processor or vitamix. Chill and enjoy!


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  1. I wish you HAD taken pictures of the boots & shorts, sounds interesting & reminds me of Pretty Woman. 🙂 I love the sound of your healthified fruit dip too!


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