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WIDW (What I Drew Wednesday)

Sometimes I’m a good blogger.

I not only take pictures of my food, but I think about things like lighting and clarity.

Sometimes I don’t take any pictures because:

A) My food tends to be ugly. Green oatmeal anyone?

B) My food tends to be repetitive. Yet another picture of a kale smoothie anyone?

C) My food might be embarrassing (at least for someone who claims to eat a healthy diet). Caramel corn anyone?

D. I just forgot. Real life anyone?

Today was a letter D situation. Between J Man’s preschool play date, meetings at work and my daily attempts to have adult conversation with Matty B whilst surrounded by chatterbox children, photos of my food were the last thing on my mind.

I bring you the next best thing:


Yogurt with banana, peaches and blueberries.

Did I mention I was an art minor in college? I probably don’t even need to tell you. It’s obvious, right?


Coffee #1


Coffee #2

I’ve been super tired recently.

No, I’m not pregnant. (My mom is breathing a sigh of disappointment. Matty B is breathing a sigh of relief.)


Fresh corn, broccoli, asparagus and Gardein beef chunks. Cold. At my desk. It was a busy day.


Watermelon at a staff birthday party. I turned down two kinds of brownies and funfetti cake. Will someone applaud me, please? Also, this is probably the most recognizable of all the pictures.


WW spaghetti, marinara and salad.

This is probably the least recognizable of all the photos.

Also, in case you were wondering, J Man and Miss Rae did not draw these pictures.

They probably would have looked better if they did…


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