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Butterfly Snacks

I never puréed homemade baby food and stuck it in ice cube trays for my kids.

J Man and Miss Rae wear a lot of hand-me-downs. Truly, their new clothes come solely from Sha Sha and grandma. The rest come from friends of friends of friends. Pros: they trash their clothes and I don’t care. Cons: they trash their clothes and people might think we’re homeless.

Miss Rae’s baby book has nothing written in it. She’s 2. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s probably never going to happen.

Birthday parties have been pretty low-key in our house. There is cake smashing and singing, naturally, but we haven’t yet rented a petting zoo or reserved Disneyland.

So I may not be an overachiever when it comes to classic mom “expectations”. Snacks are a different story.


J Man has a “play date” tomorrow with his new preschool.

He’s excited! (“Will they have cars?” he wonders. “Will they have blocks so I can make a garage for the cars?”).

I’m nervous. (“Will he make friends?” I wonder. “Will he be the weird kid in the front of the class who knows that C.A.R. also stands for Central African Republic?”)


We’re supposed to bring a snack to “share” at this play date. If J Man were in charge we’d bring doughnut holes. If Miss Rae were in charge we’d bring pizza. If Matty B were in charge we’d give each kid two doughnuts, two cookies, soda and licorice candies.

Good thing I’m in charge.


I saw this on Pinterest. Cute, right?



Goldfish crackers and blueberries. Hopefully, moms and kids alike will be fans. If nothing else, J Man could remove all the pipe cleaner “antenna” and create African country outlines with them.

That’s how you make friends.


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  1. Cute idea. Great mom. All the kids will love them.


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