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Thursday Thoughts, V

1. I’m totally addicted to Master Chef. It’s on Fox on Wednesday nights. Have you seen it? I was totally rooting for Bri, (not to be confused with Aunt B) the vegetarian in the group, and then last week she got kicked off, but last night they brought a few chefs back for a second chance (which I usually hate), but now Bri is back and I’m so happy!

2. Today, at Super 1 Foods, they were having some special “Super Thursday” produce sale. It was epic. I spent $22.41 and got all of this:


This will be especially helpful because of #3.

3. Last night Matty B was sick in the middle of the night. Tummy. Poor boy:(

Today he said, “it was something I ate.”

What did he eat, you might ask?

Two doughnuts, two cookies, soda, pie crust baked with cinnamon sugar and black licorice, among other things.

Sharon, (Matty B’s mom) are you reading this? What am I supposed to do with this boy? And yes, Matty B, I called you out in front of your mom and at least 11 other people who read this blog.

I don’t feel sorry for him anymore.

4. I really want to play in the kitchen. I want to try this recipe for vegan creamed kale, this BBQ kale chips idea and this kale salad, sans bacon, but I still want the goat cheese. Too bad goats are animals. Sigh…

5. Sometimes I eat guacamole for dinner.


Also, one bathousand tortilla chips. That’s some real talk right there.

P.S. feel free to post chastisements to Matty B. I’ll be sure to pass them along…:)


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  1. I can’t judge; I had Rolos and Root Beer for dinner last night…’s just been one of “those” weeks 😦 I’m making it up with my carrot sticks and celery snacks today though!!!

  2. I tried my best when raising him. What can I say? I hope he feels better soon.

  3. I love that you called him out and Sharon already responded. That is an amazing amount of fresh produce! Nice work!


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