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What I Spilled Wednesday

Growing up, I had a reputation for being somewhat clumsy. And when I say “somewhat”, I mean “very”, and when I say “clumsy”, I mean “tripping over invisible wrinkles in the carpet/spilling every beverage given to me/knocking over anything within arm’s reach”.

I’ve gotten slightly better in my old age. And when I say “slightly”, I mean “hardly better at all”…

The interesting thing about my spills is that it’s never water. Never something that doesn’t stain or something easily mopped up.

I spill things like:


Breakfast: overnight oats made with spinach purée. It’s a good thing my skirt was dark grey.

Coffee, unpictured, managed to stay in the cup. Success!

I apparently got a little over-confident because I somehow spurted a good dose of this smoothie on the carpet. It’s a good thing the carpet was dark grey.


Lunch: kale, cherry, chocolate protein powder, coconut milk, banana.


I snacked on peanuts, purposely spilled, just to stay with my theme of the day.


And then, with a day full of spills, we went to Spaghetti Night at my parent’s bakery. Am I a crazy lady? A glutton for punishment? Yes, and maybe.


Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and French bread.

How’d I do? I’m happy to report that all pasta sauce stayed either on the plate or in my mouth! Success!


This girl? Yeah, she’s taking after her mama…


And a peanut butter cookie split three ways for dessert. I made certain not to spill one crumb!


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