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Recycle this!

I have some bad news. This may not be as horrifying to you as it is to me, so I’ll come right out with it:

Deep breath.

Walla Walla doesn’t recycle.

It’s true. It’s beyond me how a town as large as Walla Walla is, a town as progressive as Walla Walla is, a town with 3 higher education facilities, doesn’t recycle!

When we first moved, I was dutifully saving out my glass and plastic, just like in Portland. “Call the trash company and have them leave a recycle bin,” I instructed Matty B.

He obeyed and was told that they don’t pick up recycling because they’ve found that people don’t use the recycling bins! What?!?! I am aghast, people! Aghast!

I was beginning to wonder what kind of backwoods place we moved to when I walked into work the next morning and was greeted with:


Glory be! And while I won’t be hauling my empty cereal boxes to work, I’ll definitely be recycling at least my work scrap paper. Phew!

I’ve been doing a lot of recipe recycling lately. It might be because I miss recycling. It might be because I’m lazy tired. It might be because this recipe for roasted tomato pesto is soooo good!


Instead of mixing it with pasta, I kicked the nutrition up a notch with quinoa. This was great hot, and actually, even better cold for lunch the next day! Hmmm…a recycled recipe recycled for another meal?

Certainly that makes up for all the cereal boxes I’m throwing in the trash…?


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