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Dirt and “Teese”

We like dirt.

And I’m not referring to gossip, although I’m a good secret keeper, so if you have any, I’m all ears. (Disclaimer: I’m way behind on my pop culture, so unless we’re gossiping about Britney Spears, I’ve got no clue who you’re talking about… Snookie who? And does anyone care? And did I even spell her name right?)

What I mean to say is we like real, brown, down and dirty DIRT.


We purchased an outdoor playset for the kids. You know, the whole shebang with a slide and a couple of swings. I think this one even has a rock wall and an attached picnic table! Fancy!

So Matty B has been prepping the area to install this monstrosity and he has a very eager helper. He gave Miss Rae a little spade and she was out there for at least an hour- “helping”. It was so stinkin’ cute! She was absolutely filthy afterward, but I love it!

Know what I didn’t love?


This “Teese”, that’s supposed to be like nacho cheese.


And I wouldn’t go so far to say it tasted like dirt…


…cause it didn’t. The flavor was…ok. Honestly, it had a slightly stale taste (maybe it was old?), but there was a distinctly cheesy flavor and a little spicy kick.


No, it didn’t taste like dirt, but it made me feel like dirt.

Heavy and greasy, it’s the reason I don’t like going out for Mexican food. I always feel so gross afterward


Look at that layer of oil on the top. I know, I know, real cheese is oily too, but I think it was the “greasy factor” that made me feel slightly ill…

Sorry, Teese…


And that’s all the “dirt” I have for you today. I’ll do my best to find some Jersey Shore on YouTube and then maybe I’ll know what’s going on…


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  1. Haha, I love your writing style. And I know how you feel with the oil on top. The more healthy I eat, the more stuff like that grosses me out.


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