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Don’t call me a “freekeh”

We like our green smoothies:


I made a giant blenderful so I could freeze single serving portions for quick breakfasts. I estimated three servings.

There is 1/2 glass in the freezer. Miss Rae kept requesting “mo”. She’s a mess, but don’t call her a “freekeh”.

We like our geography:


J Man entertained himself for a long time here, copying the names of the states and capitals. I keep thinking the geography phase will pass. It seems to be getting stronger everyday. Evidence? He told me that his new name is Olympia.

He’s quirky, but don’t call him a “freekeh”…


I tried freekeh for the first time yesterday. It’s a grain that you cook like rice, with pretty much the same ratio as rice.

Some call freekeh a “superfood”. It has higher nutritional value than couscous or white rice (although, what doesn’t?), but it also has four times as much fiber as comparable grains.

I added a little McKays Chicken Seasoning to the water and intended to use it as a base for a stirfry.

And there was a little leftover for my stirfry. But I couldn’t stop eating it out of the pan. It was so good!

I was hungry. Don’t call me a “freekeh”…


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