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Super 1 Saves the Day

I’ll admit it when I’m wrong.

I used to think that mustard was disgusting. I was wrong. Turns out, you should try something before you decide whether or not it’s gross. (Are you listening, Matty B?)

I used to think that acid washed jeans were cool. I was wrong. Although, apparently Aunt B didn’t get the memo as she was sporting some acid washed jean shorts yesterday. And now I’m officially old enough to say, “I remember when those were in style 20 years ago…”

I used to think running was hard. Wait. I was right. Running is hard! Why doesn’t it get easier?

I used to think that Walla Walla was a dark hole, void of any vegan groceries or healthy foods. (Note: that’s not Walla Walla, but Pendleton, for those of you familiar with eastern Oregon/Washington…we tried finding a restaurant with even one vegetarian option (forget vegan) in Pendleton. There’s lots of beef in the Round Up city, not so much tempeh…)

Anyway, when we decided to move from Portland to Walla Walla, the grocery situation was a concern to me. No Trader Joes? No New Seasons? And you know all about my love affair with Whole Foods. How was I going to survive on Safeway or, god forbid, Walmart? First world problems? Affirmative.

But then my mom said, “Try Super 1.”


This place? The place right next to an abandoned Baskin Robbins and a tax place? Classy.


But then I went inside and found this…




My beloved Earth Balance AND So Delicious?



Bob’s Red Mill AND grind-your-own almond butter?



Natural Peanut Butter AND organic dark chocolate?


Wait for it…




Bulk foods bins!

Obviously, I was pleasantly surprised!

And let it be known, I once again admit that I was wrong. We will not starve in Walla Walla.

The only downfall to Super 1?


These carts. You know I’m right…


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