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Cast Iron Cornbread Pan

Grandma V was an entertainer. And when I say “entertainer”, I don’t mean that she was a comedian or that she danced as a rockette. (Although she did play a mean accordion…)

I mean that Grandma V was the perfect hostess. I know this from experience. Any meal at her home was a production that included tablecloths, multiple forks and special butter dishes (because only low class people put a tub of margarine on the table…)

I’m learning this in another way too.

I’ve inherited Grandma V’s kitchen. People, I can’t even tell you all the things I’ve found.

Madeleine pans. Special plates just for deviled eggs. Devices for rolling perfect croissants. Multiple garlic presses. Cookie cutters of every shape and size imaginable.

And I went through it all. Some I kept. Some my mom kept. Some went to Unk C. I’d offer some to Aunt B but she doesn’t really strike me as a croissant rolling kind of girl…

And then. THEN. I walked into the dining room and found this:







Do you see that pile of serving platters? I chose to shut the door and go outside to play T-ball with the kids.

My favorite “find”? In the midst of all the china and crystal and ramekins, I found this:


Perfectly seasoned cast iron. And it looks like corncobs! It was love at first sight!


I used Post Punk Kitchen’s recipe for vegan cornbread.


There was a little bit of extra batter and I baked those in a regular muffin tin. I’m not even exaggerating, but the muffins didn’t taste as good as the cute little cornbreads!


I served them without condiments. They were sweet enough by themselves. Grandma V would have one upped me and served butter on the side.

In a fancy butter dish.


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