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I always like What I Ate Wednesday because it tells a pretty good story about my day. I’m realizing, however, that the bigger story is what’s in the background of my pictures…



Kale/frozen cherry/frozen banana/almond milk/protein powder smoothie. In the car. Have I mentioned that now, instead of a 25 minute commute to work, I have a 5 minute commute to work? Why do I insist on continuing to bring my breakfast in the car?

a. Creature of habit
b. Even with a 5 minute commute, I’m still running late…



WW bread/hummus/avocado/tomato/romaine/cucumber. Note “Lambie” in the background. Lambie is a filthy stuffed lamb that also happens to be Miss Rae’s best friend. Lambie tends to tag along on lots of outings. God forbid Lambie ever get lost…not sure we’d survive that one…


Honest Tea green tea with honey. Note my computer in the background. This was the screen saver welcoming me to my new job. What are they trying to say…?



Mixed greens, quinoa, pinto beans, tofu tzatziki (recipe to come!) and cornbread. Hey look! There’s Lambie again!



Did you know that Walla Walla has a baseball team? They’re the Walla Walla Sweets:) They aren’t major league. They aren’t minor league. Matty B says that the players also work the concession stand:).

We had our first date night in a long time. I celebrated with 1/2 a bag of caramel corn. I could have devoured the whole thing, but I restrained myself. It certainly wasn’t vegan, but it was certainly delicious!

The game was rained out. We made it through 3 innings. For my short attention span, that’s the perfect amount of baseball!



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  1. My goodness, you eat so well….I would love to chat with you 🙂 I’ve so many digestive issues and binging 😦 Your smoothie looks yummy…protein powder ? exact recipe ? Maybe you can email me if you are able to wouldn’t mind? Thks!


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