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Thursday Thoughts, IV

Welcome to another edition of “I haven’t been in the kitchen in days-we ate at Del Taco for dinner-I have no recipe but want to chat-Thursday Thoughts”. I’m a clever girl, so I considered calling this “T for 2”. T squared? Thursday Thoughts? Get it? If you have to explain it, it probably isn’t cool, Holley…


1. This was my worship this morning. My school gave me a Bible as a going away present with special highlighted passages. This totally started my day out on the right foot!


2. Can’t stop eating local strawberries. We get them from this place called Klickers in Walla Walla and they’re so good! Sadly, I think the season is pretty much over…:(


3. I ordered some new “minimalist” running shoes. They’re New Balance. I went to the store, tried them on, then went home and ordered off of Amazon (I had a gift card). They’re too small! What?!? Now I have to send them back and I hate that!

4. Even though I haven’t been in the kitchen, I want to be! I want to make this peanut butter potato salad and these peanut butter breakfast cookies and especially this zesty peanut dressing…are we noticing a theme?


5. The sunset from my backyard. Doesn’t even do it justice…


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  1. Let me know if you try the dressing! [And if it successfully makes it past your mouth on its way out of the blender….;)]


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