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Grandpa and me: WIAW

I’ve mentioned that we’re living with Grandpa, right?

Essentially, I’ve added another child to the mix- albeit, a toddler who isn’t quite as cute and is somewhat passive aggressive…:) He does, however, smile when J Man and Miss Rae play “tap great-grandpa on the head and say bonk“, so all other behaviors are tolerated…:)

Grandpa has been so kind to let this crazy family of four mild mannered LOUD people bunk with him, but as with all new situations, there is some unfamiliarity that takes some getting used to.

Grandpa thinks the food I eat is weird. Today was no exception.

Breakfast: rolled oats with sunflower seed butter, blueberries and bananas.


1. Grandpa doesn’t like rolled oats. Grandma used to make instant oats. My oats are “weird”. Also, sunflower seed butter? Why not use peanut butter and why is it going in my oatmeal? Instead I should use canned milk and salt like he does. (Now that’s weird…)

Coffee: caffeinated with almond milk


Grandpa doesn’t approve of coffee, but he does approve of Coca Cola, so we are even on this one…

P.S. See my pretty “welcome to work” flowers? Yay!

Lunch: smoothie with cherries, banana, kale, coconut milk, this yummy vega protein powder and hemp hearts. The last two ingredients are new to me and were awesome additions! Loved them both!


Certainly I don’t have to tell you Grandpa’s thoughts on my smoothie…


“What?!? Kale in a smoothie? Grandma wouldn’t have made it that way!”

At work I snacked on three different yummy vegan treats that I wanted to capture on film, but I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my co-workers and I don’t want them to know how crazy I am…yet…

There was a date bar, a peanut butter cookie and a banana cocoa bite. All yummy, but the peanut butter was my favorite. Grandpa may have approved of these. I think old people like dates.

Dinner: corn on the cob (cut off because I can’t handle corn in my teeth) and an English muffin pizza with onion, pepper, zucchini, olives and sundried tomato. Hmmm…looks eerily like what I ate yesterday…


We finally have a winner! Grandpa was a fan of this dinner! I won’t tell you how much of his Thai peanut noodles he ate yesterday one bite, or what he did with his pesto pasta threw it out on the porch for the stray cat, but thank goodness I struck gold with corn on the cob!

I celebrated with dark chocolate…


And exactly one bathousand of these…


Grandpa wouldn’t even try a snap pea crisp, but he did have a night cap of Coca Cola…

Baby steps, people…


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  1. One set of my grandparents were the same – very basic food people. I didn’t live with them so they were spared the “horror” of my “weird” foods lol. Luckily, the other set who live next door are pretty accepting and love most of what I make for them 🙂 Good luck!!

  2. That smoothie looks so good! Is the vega protein powder worth the price? I have been considering getting it in the vanilla flavor… Should I get the chocolate instead?

    • I absolutely LOVE the vega protein powder. Honestly, it is expensive and I wouldn’t have purchased it normally, but I got it in a swag bag at Vida Vegan Con and now I’m hooked! I’m interested in trying vanilla also, but I can definitely speak highly of the chocolate…


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