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Review: “Cinnadoodles” from Roger’s Bakery

My extended family has varying degrees of support for my “vegan-ness”.

The spectrum ranges from my brother who frequently declares that he’ll give J Man his first steak, and not even 48 hours ago loudly proclaimed numerous times, “Earth Balance isn’t butter!” (Which is true, of course, but it was the way he said it that made me mad!) to my sweet Mama who makes sorbet for me when everyone else is eating ice cream.

This same sweet Mama makes these rockin’ vegan cookies at a little place called Roger’s Bakery.


At a place famous for its baked potato soup, aka “butter/milk/cheese delight” and buttermilk bars, you wouldn’t expect to find anything vegan. And that’s ok. We all know I drink Diet Coke when everyone else is munching on their bakery goodness…

And actually, I didn’t find out about these because my mom forced me to eat one. I found out from Matty B. We were at the bakery and as he was taking the kids to a table, he requested a lemon doughnut and a snickerdoodle. When I delivered his sugary treats, he said, “No, not this snickerdoodle. The vegan one!”


And I was introduced to the joy of the cinnadoodle. People, they’re good! And not just good “for a vegan cookie” good, but good enough that my sugar loving husband wanted one instead of a regular snickerdoodle.

That’s all the proof you need!


Cinnamony, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, mom says they’re made with rice flour, so they’re gluten free too! (Note: like my bandaid? I seriously almost cut my finger off yesterday…)

With cookies like these available to my kiddos, I have no fear of Unk C and his steak pushing ways. Besides, J Man is already dubious. Yesterday we were reading an old book with a picture of the old school food pyramid. In the protein section was a picture of a cute little pig.

J Man: “People eat pigs? Gross!”

Take that, Unk C…


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