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Identity Crisis

Miss Rae is having a small identity crisis. Being that she spends all of her days with a somewhat dominant four year old brother, you can understand her dilemma. For awhile there, I believe that she also thought of herself as a four year old boy.

We’ve gotten to the point where she will acknowledge that she is two, not four.

Anatomy has been a little stickier. For a few days, she was insistent that her anatomy was identical to her brother’s, to which J Man would argue (loudly, and not necessarily in private), “you do not have a penis!”

Always good ice breaker conversation…

Miss Rae is slowly figuring out who she is. I’m apparently getting more confused about me. Today, I started out breaking some of my own, not just rules, but mindsets- ways of life, if you will.

1. Always eat breakfast. And make it healthy.



I skipped breakfast today. Just wasn’t hungry. What?!? This has never happened to me before! I’m BIG on breakfast! Instead, I ate that little chunk on the right of Matty B’s coffeecake and had a latte.


2. Whole grains always. Never eat processed white bread.


We went on a picnic with the kiddos. Matty B picked out the hotdog buns. What was I thinking, putting him in charge? To scrape the gummy white bread paste off the roof of my mouth I had some veg, and contrary to what the picture suggests, I did not eat toes…


3. Never ever drink regular soda full of high fructose corn syrup. Never ever drink diet soda full of artificial sweeteners.


Glenda, if you’re reading, please don’t judge. My friend Glenda and I gave up Diet Coke last year. We felt so virtuous. High and mighty, if you will. And then, today, everyone was eating doughnuts and I wanted one, but I didn’t give in and instead broke my soda fast.

I’m not even sorry. It tasted so good. (I’ll never do it again, Glen…)


I finally remembered who I am and what I stand for and I cleaned things up a little with my snack and dinner.


What did I learn from today?

I like vegetables.
I like cherries.
I like dirty soy chai lattes.

And I like Diet Coke…no identity crisis here!


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  1. 🙂 No need to apologize to me! We all have moments of weakness…..and a crazy life to maneuver through. Live your life to the fullest, and if that includes an occasional Diet Coke, then so be it! XOXO g

    • I’m having a hard time here because I’m used to asking YOU whether or not I should eat something… I’m so confused!

      • You’ve got this! Trust your instincts, and don’t eat anything that looks better than it really is. Missing you so much! I had to have a Dutch Bros. the other day by myself and I didn’t have anyone to umm hmm with (I don’t think that it tasted as good as when you’re having one with me). Continue to fight the good fight. XOXO

  2. Looooove Rainier cherries, they are the best!

  3. We all need a Diet Coke now and then. I try to justify it a bit more and make myself feel better by drinking Zevia when I get a pop craving ;).

    • Oh, I can’t get over the Zevia aftertaste! I bought three kinds: strawberry, root beer and lemon lime. Couldn’t choke any of them down! My husband is actually trying to sell them in our yard sale…:)

  4. OOH! The dirty soy latte sounds delicious! I don’t drink pop either, but once every 3-4 mo. I will have a Dr. Pepper. Don’t hide your head in shame! Everyone needs to be naughty once in a while! 🙂
    And about the little ones…I have a 6 yr old son and a nearly 2 yr. old son. They are both boys, through and through! In the moments before reading your post, I remembered dreaming last night that the younger one was a girl and I was perplexed if I should start putting her in “girl” clothes or giving her different toys or something since she thought she was a boy!


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