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Reason #2

They say moving is like taking the fuzzy part off the end of a Q-tip and jamming the stick in your eyeball.

Did I say “they say“?

I meant, “I say“.

There have been some perks. I’ve eaten a lot of “non-Holley approved foods” and I have no guilt. I’m unpacking. I have no time for guilt. The kiddos are loving life with Grandma and Papa just around the corner. And don’t forget Unk C. That guy is a rock star these days.

And while family was the #1 reason we moved, a new/bigger house definitely made the top 10…



Front and back


And sometimes, when I’m super overwhelmed, I just go and look at this cabinet:


It’s oddly soothing…


Living room

We’re still working on other parts, but my favorite feature?


The cows.

Coming from a townhouse in Portland with a “shared” scrap of lawn full of dog poo and cigarette butts, I love, LOVE that my babies have cows to watch over the back fence!


Even better? This is the tree that Matty B and I had our wedding photos taken in front of. Pardon me while I tear up a little…:)

The tissue is still packed, but I think I have the fuzzy tips to some Q-tips around here…


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  1. Living close to family is PRICELESS!!! I LOVE being able to drop the kiddos off so I can have some me time… Even though that is mostly grocery shopping without three little hooligans tagging along… Enjoy your time living close to family!


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