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Cherry Picking

I had a manicure a few weeks ago. I don’t remember the name of the OPI color, but it was pink with diamond dust in it. Fancy!

I’m not very fancy. Don’t get me wrong, I like a mani/pedi just as much as the next lady, but I don’t wear a lot of make up or jewelry- it’s just not my style. I don’t even have my ears pierced. I don’t see anything wrong with it- I just don’t care. Can’t be bothered. Would most certainly lose one of each earring pair.

Miss Rae, though? Ooh, we’re in trouble. She was absolutely enamored with my pink, sparkly fingernails. Even now, as it’s all chipped and faded (I’ve been moving, people- nail care is not high on my list of priorities!), baby girl will gaze longingly at my nails. “Pink fingers!” she’ll say in a wistful voice.

Today, both children had not only pink fingers, but pink lips and depending on their level of cleanliness (low), pink arms, legs, etc.


We went cherry picking! My grandpa’s ex-girlfriend (yes, you read that right. She dumped him, but he’s glad because she had both a Cadillac and a Lincoln town car that needed some work and he didn’t want to foot the bill. That’s grandpa- money over love any day…). Anyway, grandpa’s ex-girlfriend has a cherry orchard so we went out to pick.


I was hoping for Bing cherries, but she mostly had Rainier.


Both kids did lots of picking and even more eating!


This is Miss Rae trying to pick the pit out of her cherry. She eventually figured out how to put the whole thing in her mouth and then spit out the pit, but not before a few of these conversations:

Miss Rae: “Cherry, pwease”

Me: (handing her one), “Make sure you spit out the pit.”

Miss Rae: (chewing), “Doesn’t have pit.”

Me: “Yes, it does. Where is it?”

Miss Rae: ” All gone.”


We did eventually find a few Bings, but they were few and far between, and are already the first to go.


There was no diamond dust involved, only dirt dust. But grandpa did get some flirting opportunities in, so it was a good day- pink fingers and all!


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