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You never know how much you need/want something until you don’t have it.

1. It’s been a crazy long time (36 hours) without wireless Internet and I almost went batty.

This was my breakfast today.


It was delicious. It was also the first and last thing I took a picture of.

2. It’s been a crazy long time (7 whole days), since I went for a run. My body is super confused.

Tomorrow I will remedy this. I will blog about it tomorrow. You are now holding me accountable.


Matty B and the biggest bag of newspaper you’ve ever seen. Grandpa said, “just leave it outside. Someone will pick it up.”

God bless my sweet husband for taking it to the recycling center.

You can take the girl out of Portland, but you can’t take the Portland out of the girl…


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  1. Too funny, about Matty B taking it to the recycle center… Colorado isn’t big into recycling either, but Chris was willing to pay a little more for garbage service that had recycling…


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