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Reason #1

When people find out that we’re moving, there are two fairly common responses:

1. Walla What?

2. Why would you leave Portland for Walla Walla?

Response number two has come from everyone from my own sister to the barista at Dutch Bros.

There are many reasons that we chose to move (enough so, that I could even run a series- hmmm…maybe I will…).

But the biggest reason?


No, not raspberries, but kinda, I guess.


We chose to move for these two stinkers:)

When I arrived Saturday evening, I was physically and mentally exhausted plus being hugely overwhelmed.

And then we went over to Uncle Aaron and Aunt Lindsay’s house, and I was quickly reminded why we’ve spent the last month of our lives packing and planning and packing some more.



Picking wild raspberries with Unk C


Smelling lavender with Aunt Lindsay


Picking flowers to put in our hair

And I sat in the grass and watched this whole scene and it was so worth it. Take that Dutch Bros. barista!

Now, who wants to come over and help me unpack boxes…?:)


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  1. Having lived in both Portland and Walla Walla, I can see people’s dilemma. Both are awesome places! I miss each for their individuality and really if you forced me to choose to live in either, it would be so hard for me to do so!!! I consider yourself lucky!


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