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The Vegan Mini Mall

Every once in awhile I get the long end of the stick.

This opening line is not meant to be inappropriate. What I mean to say is, I’m a natural martyr, just like Grandma V. If the option is cleaning toilets or folding laundry, I’ll choose the toilets, not because I want to clean toilets, but because I don’t want someone else to have to do it.

Have I mentioned that we’re moving? It’s junk. There is only one good thing about the process of moving.

Your friends take pity on you and come bearing Chipotle and Burgerville. Otherwise, it’s junk.

But let’s have some real talk. I’ve barely lifted a finger. Here’s the reason: If you’ve never tried moving with a sassy 2 year old and a know-it-all 4 year old, I dare you. Boxes are unpacked faster than we can pack them. Children who played peacefully with each other 3 weeks ago,seemingly forget all manners and no matter what you unearth from the basement closet (junk or not), they’ve never seen anything so fabulous in their entire lives and must keep it and play with it and never ever pack it.

So back to the sticks. This time, Matty B got the short end because while HE packs, I take the kids and go do awesome stuff.

Today, we tackled Playdate PDX, land of germs and tunnel slides. J Man was sweating at the end from running around so much. I was also sweating, but only because I was trying to follow the speediest munchkins ever through the maze of nets, tubes and air guns shooting nerf balls.

And then, because I’m not a true vegan Portlander unless I’ve personally experienced the “vegan mini mall”, we headed over to Stark Street.


Lunch was at Sweet Pea Bakery where the kids shared a PB&J and I had their chickpea “tuna” melt called “The Katie John Rainboots”. I have no idea why that’s its name. It must be an inside joke. We also split a chocolate chip cookie 3 ways. So good. Not even “good for a vegan bakery” good. Just good.




Then we went right next door to check out Food Fight, Portland’s all vegan grocery store.


I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was pretty small. And it was mostly stocked with vegan junk food, honestly. But we bought some soy yogurt, some organic lollipops, and some broccoli (per the kids request. Let it be known that whenever we are in a store and they request broccoli, I will immediately purchase it).


Afterwards, we checked out Herbivore, a little vegan clothing/gift shop. I wanted a shirt that said “wings are for flying, not frying” under a picture of a chicken, but I restrained myself as the kids were starting to play hide and seek amongst the clothing racks.


Lollipops in hand (mouth), we headed for home!


We did purchase Matty B a vegan oatmeal bar, AND I will make sure that I volunteer to clean the toilets later.


It’s not fair if I have ALL the fun…


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