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Happy Father’s Day!

There are two really fabulous men in my life.


My dad, the guy who taught me how to drive, gave plenty of unsolicited (but somehow, accurate,) advice and is the creator of “daddy dish”- the ultimate combo of pasta, marinara, ground beef (Morningstar crumbles, anyone?) and whatever else might be in the kitchen. It’s the best.


He’s an awesome grandpa…


…or “papa”, as my kids refer to him, and, AND, he’s been doing more than his share of heavy lifting for our upcoming move and we haven’t even moved yet! You’re the best, dad:)

The other guy that I frequently mock, take advantage of, cry to and complain at is my very own Matty B:)


This man is an amazing father.


He’s incredibly patient. This past month he has been, without question, a single dad. He doesn’t complain. He never blows up at the kids. It’s unbelievable.


He’s super active with them. They never stay home and watch TV. Ever. They’ve gone to every park/playground in Portland. Every single one.


He teaches the kids to love nature. He teaches them to be brave. They poke/prod/pick up (almost) anything and everything. I love that.


And he’s always putting us first. Prime example: today is Father’s Day. Matty B suggested we go downtown to the Saturday Market and eat lunch at the food carts.


1. Matty B cares as much about the Saturday Market as he does about the mall which is to say, not much. But he knows I love it. So we went.

2. When we got downtown, it was very crowded. As it turns out, we were just in time for the LGBT parade.


It may or may not surprise you to find out that a gay pride parade is not Matty B’s first choice for Father’s Day fun.


But there were balloons and bands and fire trucks and everything that a 2 and 4 year old could want from a parade, so Matty B pleasantly stood by while we cheered and danced with the rest of them.

3. And then we went to the food carts. And they were closed. And we somehow ended up at MY favorite Veggie Grill…


And as we were walking back to the car, I had to count my blessings for two men who always put me first and I’m just so thankful!

Happy Father’s Day!



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