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Eggplant Chips (eggplant jerky?)

Sometimes we’re not at our best.


J Man is absolutely insistent on dressing himself. Today, there were two changes of clothes (he got wet helping Matty B wash my car) and both sets brought him downstairs with both shirt and pants on backward.


He absolutely refuses any help. We went out anyway.

Sometimes we’re not at our best.

Following is a slew of text messages sent from my dear, sweet, technology illiterate mama.




Apparently her phone was bumping into something in her purse and in the meantime I. Was. Going. Crazy.

Stark raving mad. I left a somewhat terse message on her voicemail asking her to STOP and when I got no response, left the same message on my dad’s voicemail. Not sure how that was going to help matters, but it made me feel better.

Sometimes we’re not at our best.

And I’ve gotta tell you, I didn’t have the best luck with these eggplant chips.


When I saw Laura’s recipe for baked eggplant chips, I knew I had to try them.


Maybe I had unrealistic expectations? I could never ever ever get them crispy. Ok, I finally did get them crispy but only because I charred them in my attempt to crisp them.


Laura suggested 15 minutes at 400. I at least doubled, if not tripled that time and still ended up with a chewy texture.

The flavor was good, I just couldn’t get over the “jerky” like texture when I was hoping for crispy and crunchy.

Laura will continue to be the queen of TVP oats and for that, I will forever love her, but I just couldn’t get on the eggplant chip train tonight.

It was probably me. Sometimes we’re just not at our best.

Submitted to Meatless Mondays A-Z

Better With Veggies

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  1. Holly, I finally found your blog! Yay! It’s wonderful.
    That text with your mom is hilarious! Haha.
    I’m stoked to follow you here!

  2. I’m so sorry they didn’t work for you! Mine were quite crispy… did you try flipping them? Maybe your oven just has more moisture? I have a friend with a gas stove and her’s is super-moist.


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