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The Great Egg Debate

I always wanted to be a rock star.

Never a scientist.

1a. Rock stars get to demand things like “only green M&M’S” and “Evian! Not Aquafina! You incompetent oafs!”

1b. Scientists demand things like, “Clean my beakers!”

2a. Rock stars sleep until noon everyday.

2b. Scientists don’t even sleep because they’re so crazy smart that their brains won’t shut off.

3a. Rock stars wear trendy clothes. You’ll notice that I have no specifics on these clothes as I have no clue what’s trendy nowadays. (“Nowadays?” What am I, 87?)

3b. Scientists wear lab coats and maybe crocs. Are crocs trendy? I don’t think so, but see #3a for clarification.

I always wanted to be a rock star.

Never a scientist.

But sometimes, for the sake of research, I feel very “scientisty”.

It all started with eggs, or the lack thereof, and the question that has been boggling us all, which egg substitute is best???

I decided to run a series of tests. The flax egg, the chia egg, and the powdered egg substitute were all in the running, each striving for the crown shell!

I went with a classic pancake recipe from my friend and yours, the very non vegan Martha Stewart.

And this is where I embarrass any and all scientist peers. There were no charts or graphs. There was no hypothesis. There was no “control” group. There wasn’t even a list of qualifying standards.


Quite simply, there were pancakes.


And there was tasting.


Chia seed “egg”- 1 TBS chia seeds + 3 TBS water, allowed to gel for 5ish minutes.


Flax seed “egg”- 1 TBS flax seeds + 3 TBS water, allowed to gel for 5ish minutes.


Powdered egg replacer “egg”- 1 tsp powder + 2 TBS water


And my big scientific discovery?

Yeah, they all pretty much did the same. All tasted great, no negligible difference. Was Martha’s recipe just that good? In all reality, I think I should try this experiment again, but next time use a baked good recipe. Pancakes are too forgiving.

Maybe a cookie recipe? Maybe a cookie with only green M&M’S recipe?

Ahhh…there’s the inner rock star I know and love…


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  1. The nice thing is that you really don’t need eggs in pancakes 😉 so no need to replace them!

  2. What about the other egg replacers? Mashed banana, applesauce, pureed tofu, pureed pumpkin or squash, yogurt, etc.

  3. I’m glad you did this. It’s nice to know you didn’t notice a big difference.


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