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Papaccino’s Coffee Review

Other people’s toys are always better than your own.

I don’t think this changes, even into adulthood. Granted, as adults, this concept becomes a potentially covetous situation (her car/house/yacht is nicer than my car/house/yacht. i hate it when people’s yachts are nicer than mine…).

For kids, it’s all about entertainment value.

I’ve talked before about the excessive amount of playthings my children possess. At home we have a train track, a mini kitchen and a tool set.


Those, however, are boring and pale in comparison to the train track, mini kitchen and tool set at Papaccino’s Coffee.


I spent a few hours with my cherubs this morning, giving Matty B the chance to have some free time. You know, a break to relax. He went to the bank, the Salvation Army and he got some coffee…ooh, relaxing!

Coffee was, however, the theme of the morning as I was needing just that. I’d heard about Papaccino’s on Woodstock Avenue and had to try it out. The word on the street? There was a kid’s play area: key to relaxing coffee drinking.

Papaccino’s didn’t disappoint. Not only did the kids dig the aforementioned play area, my coffee was good (and I’m picky) and and they had a cereal bar!


We didn’t imbibe, but I made a note for future reference.

And while it wasn’t as relaxing as the Salvation Army (what?!?), it was a great morning. I’d totally recommend Papaccino’s if you live in the Portland area.


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  1. Awesome! I’m always looking for new places to take our toddler, and Woodstock is not too far from our neighborhood (westmoreland).

    Did they have many vegan milk/food options?


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