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Blood is thicker than water…

Nothing makes you feel old like your baby brother and sister turning 30 and 21, respectively.

And while my brother will forever sigh and moan that I was the favored child, I think it’s pretty obvious that my mom is leaning in towards my brother here. That, or trying to keep her massive bangs from getting mussed in the wind…


Unk C really was the cutest baby ever. Other than J Man and Miss Rae, of course.


He was a cute kid, too…


Granted, we all experienced our “awkward phase…”


Check out my sexy side part. I was a Jr. High hottie, for sure.

As you can see from the above picture, Aunt B came along a little later in life.


She was pretty darn cute too.


I loved being a big sister. Still do. Except when she doesn’t listen to me and just does what she wants too, which, in all reality, has been the case all our lives…


The most heart warming thing about these two fabulous people?

Watching them with two of my very own fabulous people..


They both take such an interest in J Man and Miss Rae.


They play and laugh and nap with them.


And while in many ways I think my children have been a very strong form of birth control for both Unk C and Aunt B, I know they love my kiddos with all their hearts.


And thanks, guys. Thanks.


Happy birthday!


Love, your big sis:)


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  1. So u think I was leaning toward your brother ehh? Do you suppose it had anything to do with that smelly perm of yours?!! Ha ha!


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