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Chocolate dipped ice cream cones

There are a few things in life that require you to take a stand. Yes, a stand.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Coffee or tea?

Paper or plastic?

White or whole wheat?

Cats or dogs?

Salt or pepper?


And the ultimate question…

Ice cream?


Or cone?

Obviously they go together, but I’m in the “cone camp”. The ice cream on top? It’s good, but it’s really just prepping your palate for the amazing ness that is ice cream in a cone.


These are not your typical ice cream cones.


And it’s really not rocket science, but it took a nudge from my friend, Joy the Baker to get me inspired.


Joy suggested this recipe here, and in reality, it’s more of a method than a recipe.


Either way, I was mom of the year for at least 16 minutes



Miss Rae enjoyed her cone and ice cream separately please. No food should be touching. That’s a rule.



J Man didn’t even want a cone. Only vanilla ice cream in a dish. No foods that are unfamiliar, please. That’s a rule.


Matty B enjoyed his cone with a side of disbelief that I would actually purchase ice cream. Sugar in the house? That’s not a rule.


As for me? You can go hard…


Or you can go home…

Next stand in life?

One scoop, or two…?

Submitted to Meatless Mondays A-Z

Better With Veggies

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  1. Mom of the year for sure – simple & GREAT idea!! 🙂


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