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A day of rest…finally!

I’m a Seventh Day Adventist.

I don’t think I’ve talked much about faith on this blog, and it’s not because I’m avoiding it, it just doesn’t seem to naturally flow with vegan cookies and my attempts at getting my kids to eat kale…

I worship/go to church on Saturday. It’s my day of “rest”.

Why the quotation marks? In all reality, I work a six day week, Saturday being a work day.

Between church obligations and school obligations, Saturday is anything but a day of rest. I’m changing jobs soon and that will hopefully help this problem, but in the meantime, yesterday was no exception to the rule. Last night, after a full day of church/school stuff, I was beat.

And then, Sunday morning, my day of rest began. With the kids both waking up at 6:00 am. J Man sobbing because he was out of water in his water bottle. Miss Rae sobbing because it’s her 3rd favorite thing to do after dancing and eating.

I knew that if I didn’t immediately turn the day around, there would be a meltdown. From me.


Pancakes: because it’s the only logical way to start a Sunday. And our waffle iron is packed…


Coffee: because it’s the only logical way to keep headaches at bay. Sleeping children also aid in headache relief, but alas, it was not to be.


Hillsdale Farmers Market: because farmers markets are my 3rd favorite thing, after dancing and eating…


Carrots: because as soon as I got home and looked in the fridge I found 2 large unopened bags of carrots and certainly we need more. Wait! I’ll juice them! If only our juicer wasn’t packed…


Playgrounds: because it’s the only logical way to guarantee your children will do this…


Naptime: I love that he still sucks his thumb when he sleeps…:)


Bagel/smoothie lunches: because it’s the only logical way to avoid doing the dishes…


French fry/ice cream cone dinners: see above x2.

It was the day of rest that I needed!


If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy…


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